Hardcore Training by Dennis Wolf – Arm 3

Dennis Wolf

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  1. ThenKileSaid says:

    looks like its workin i mean he did get 4th in the olympia…

  2. ChrisXMetal says:

    Milos’s workouts are straight up brutal. His leg workout had everyone in the gym puking mid way through.

  3. motocrss19 says:

    Spanish guy has pitiful form compared to dennis

  4. birdy808 says:

    He did Super and Giant sets in one workout? Holy crap!!! Dennis looks freakin’ gassed. I need to try this workout in the future.

  5. bebert3000 says:

    this is madness!!!
    madness?THIS IS SARCEV!!!

  6. Tommywise says:

    my god he looks perfect.. unbelieveble

  7. JayVezTroy says:

    my arms are throbing from just looking at sarcevs arm regime

  8. lol i totally agree, i had heard about sarcev’s hardcore and unconventional ways but wow this workout is definetely something else

  9. germancavemonkey says:

    What is the diff between super and giant sets according to you?

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