2-Get a Flat Stomach-Home Cardio Workout for Women & Men

Weight Loss Exercise Routine Helps Lose Pounds, Love Handles & Man. Total Body Advanced & Beginners Workout For Fat Loss. If you would like to do this workout please follow these instructions 1. Watch this full video 2. Go to www.fitnessbody4life.org to get the instructions on how to complete this workout. The post will have the time durations of each timed exercises and the amount of repetitions needed to be accomplished for each repetition exercise. 3. Watch the video walk-throughs for each exercise to insure you’re doing them with proper technique. 4. Post your questions in the comment section on any of these sites (YouTube, Facebook, www.fitnessbody4life.org, or Twitter) Click the link too find out how you can help support your fitness body 4 life community www.fitnessbody4life.org My Links: Website: www.FitnessBody4Life.org Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Music Links: Andrew V: www.myspace.com BoonDoc: www.booniemayfield.com Playlists Warm ups: www.youtube.com Ab Exercises: www.youtube.com Fitness Routines: www.youtube.com Stretching Videos: www.youtube.com Youtube Video of the week links (tell her fitnessbody4life.org sent you): BoogBrown: www.youtube.com BoogBrown Music page: www.boogbrown.bandcamp.com BoogBrown Twitter www.twitter.com Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program because neither Lance, nor anyone associated with Fitness Body 4 Life will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising. It is

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  1. gilliatm says:

    Que cabelo escroto! hauhauha

  2. iLoveAltNation says:

    Your hair is such a perfect circle! How long does it take you to get it perfect like that? haha 😉

  3. Lol “Don’t bend over to catch your breath” and he does it anyways 🙂

  4. FitnessBody4L says:

    @Dontupac hahahah

  5. FitnessBody4L says:

    @iLoveAltNation it only takes about 5 mins lol

  6. zappafan136 says:

    i’d love to get your body, but I’d much rather have your hair. It’s so awesome.

  7. This guy is GREAT!

    He reminds me of Jim Kelly of ”Black Belt Jones’ & ‘Enter the Dragon’ fame.

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